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Deep Thoughts – 1st Post!

Do you enjoy watching shows like “How It’s Made” or other shows that explain how a business was formed?  There is a great show on NPR called “From Scratch” where they interview entrepreneurs to find out why they started the business, challenges they’ve faced, etc, and I’ve always found that show, and others like it, fascinating.  Well, with that idea in mind, I thought I would explain how came to be.  Now, obviously this little business of mine isn’t big enough to be featured on one of these national shows, but for bass enthusiasts you might find it interesting.  At the very least if you read this, you might realize that actually I’m pretty much just like you (well, except I get my basses at cost ;-) ).

So, I’ve been a member of since 2001.  In case you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years, is the best bass-dedicated web forum on the interwebs.  One thing is for sure – you hang around on TB enough, and you will develop a SEVERE case of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome).  Well, I had been seeing these pictures of these amazing looking basses with a rather plain name – F Bass.  But the basses looked AWESOME.  And the reviews were nothing short of spectacular.  Every time one came up for sale on TB it seemed to get sold before I could respond.

Well, finally at the end of 2007 I decided to contact George Furlanetto at F Bass to see if I could get a bass at cost.  You see, my “day gig” is running a full-line music store in Missouri, and frequently manufacturer’s will hook up people “in the biz” with dealer discounts, even if they aren’t a dealer for that product line.  I was hoping George would do the same.  But George is a man of firm integrity, and if I wanted an F Bass at dealer cost, I had to be a dealer.  Well, I pondered that point for a few weeks, and decided that I would go for it.  I love playing bass – and it just doesn’t get any better than getting new gear.  So, I put my thinking cap on, and came up with the business plan for  I ordered my basses, and waited for them to arrive.

So, I waited.  And waited.  And finally one day, they arrived.  I was so thrilled when they got here.  I opened the boxes and inspected each one closely.  I was blown away at the craftsmanship and attention to detail.  I plugged them in, and I was AMAZED at how great they sounded and how easy they were to play.  Now realize, I’ve been in the music biz all of my adult life, and I’ve played and owned MANY high-end, terrific basses.  But for me, the F Bass was where it was at.  I’ve been a loyal user of F Basses since that fateful day.

Something else that’s interesting?  I had NEVER PLAYED an F Bass until my initial order came in.  Yup, I paid thousands and thousands of dollars for basses I had never actually played!  I don’t think that would normally be a good idea, but I was convinced that these F Basses were going to live up to my expectations – and that they did.  So if you are thinking of getting an F Bass, but are concerned about not getting to play one first, don’t worry.  You’re gonna love it.  Besides, it’s not like you are buying five or six of them!  :)

So there you go, a brief history on the origins of  Some time I’ll have to tell you the story on why I started playing bass in the first place…


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