FretSpot ’62 J

FretSpot  J

Do you like vintage style basses with carved necks, bodies, and premium components? I’m not talking about a “parts” bass where some guy assembles parts from various sources in his garage.  I’m talking about a true, custom made bass!  Then my new line of basses will be right up your alley! Currently available in a J-bass style, a P-bass is in the works!

The J-bass has the following standard features:

  • ’62 Jazz Body w/’75 Neck (slimmer neck)
  • Vintage ‘70s-style Open Gear Tuning Machines
  • Bound Maple, Quarter-Sawn, C-shape Neck
  • Vintage bridge
  • Amalfitano pickups

Options include:

  • Alder body with Rosewood Fingerboard – N/C
  • Ash body with Maple Fingerboard – N/C
  • Pearloid Block Inlay – $400
  • Optional Aguilar Preamp – $120-150 depending upon choice of preamp
  • Hipshot Bridge – $50
  • Hipshot Bass Xtender (allows you to drop your low E to Eb/D with a simple flick!) – $60

PRICE: $1500 with the standard features.

Interested?  Drop me a line, and let’s configure your next J!

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