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Just what the Doctor ordered for your holiday blues – NEW F BASSES! :D

FINALLY!  Some new F Basses!  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been selling lots and lots of F Basses – but they’ve all been sold before they ever got to me!  But these…  These are in stock now and available!  Woot!

I received four F Basses – two BN5’s and two VF5’s.  Both BN5’s are George’s new non-pore-filler satin finishes – one in transblue, and one in sunburst.  The VF5’s are a BEAUTIFUL sunburst ash body/maple fretboard with 60’s pickup position (this one is a 2nd because of a very fine crack at the end of the fretboard that George has repaired and is fully guaranteed not to cause any issues) and a natural gloss ash body/maple fretboard with 70’s pickup position.


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