Guess Who’s the Newest Fodera Dealer?

If you didn’t guess FretSpot, then you suck at guessing.  :D

Fodera has always made very special instruments, and I’ve noticed over the last several years of running this little business of mine that a lot of my F Bass customers are also Fodera owners (I think that correlation speaks well of both of these companies).  After lurking in the Fodera Club threads on TalkBass, I became really impressed with how Jason DeSalvo, one of the managing partners of Fodera, treated the posters on the thread.

So, in January of 2011 I emailed Jason and told him that I would love to meet with him to discuss the possibility of becoming a Fodera dealer.  He was quick to reply and said that while he would meet with me, they really weren’t looking to add any more dealers.  However, once we met we realized that our business philosophies were so similar, that working together we could accomplish some really great things for both of our companies.  So – $30,000 later here we are – FretSpot is a Fodera dealer!  :D

Here’s a link to what I have in-stock

And here’s a link to what I have on order

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