• Progress Pics from FBass – MUST SEE!!!

    Okay ya’ll, you all know that your good friend Donovan here is a bass hound.  And you all know I’ve seen LOTS of great basses come through my chubby hands, but I’ve got to tell you, I don’t know when I’ve been more excited about some basses that I have on order.

    Fortunately for US, the good folks at FBass have sent us some progress pics to drool over!


    BN5 – Ambrosia/Spalted 3-piece top, Asian ebony with LOTS Of heart, gloss, black hardware $5,795ESTIMATED DELIVERY: September 2011

    BN6 – Flamed one-piece ash body, macassar ebony fingerboard with wormholes (cool!!!), gloss, black hardware   $4,495 ESTIMATED DELIVERY: September 2011


    BN5 – Birdseye maple top, Asian ebony fingerboard, natural satin finish, brown grain, black hardware $5,795 ESTIMATED DELIVERY: October 2011


    BN6 – Spalted & Flamed maple top with BUCKSHOT HOLES!, macassar ebony fingerboard with wormholes!, enhanced black grain, gloss, black hardware $6,195 ESTIMATED DELIVERY: October 2011
    BN5 – Spalted Maple top, maple fingerboard, gloss, chrome hardware $5,395 ESTIMATED DELIVERY: October 2011


    BN5 – Burled Maple top, Asian ebony fingerboard, gloss, black hardware   $5,795 ESTIMATED DELIVERY: October 2011

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