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NEW Brubaker Brute MJX4 Onyx Black

DANG, Ya’ll! Think you can’t get a killer bass for under a grand? Think again!

These new Brubaker Brute series basses are the real deal, my friends! Unbelievably low action, good quality pickups and electronics (these models have the newest electronics as of October 2011) and great balance and weight – what more would you want?

Now, while I wouldn’t go off and sell my Fodera for one of these, they are an AMAZING value – perfect for someone who’s needing a great bass for well under $1,000, or a killer backup bass!

This bass is a BRAND NEW, OCTOBER 2011 model Brubaker Brute MJX4 in Onyx Black with the white pickguard. And only $599!

This bass doesn’t come with a gig bag or case, but I do have EXCELLENT quality gig bags (+$30) and hard shell cases ($70) available.

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