• FretSpot Kudos!

    Just received this wonderful praise from my friend and customer Anthony Holyfield.

    I want to share this with you for two reasons:

    1. If you are a new or prospective customer, then perhaps this testimonial will encourage you to contact me, and know that I’ll take great care of you and give world class service.
    2. I can’t lie – I just wanted to brag a little!  :D



    Yesterday I spent some time on your website, and I was reading the testimonies of some of your past and present customers. Thank you for being what I feel is a vanishing bread of business man, musician, and personality . And I agree that bass players in general seem to be very cool people.

    Relationships are valuable to me and even though we have only communicated via email and phone, I would very much like us to continue a working friendship. Where is all this coming from? Well… Sometime we need to just slow ourselves long enough to honor people and cultivate relationships beyond the rutean of business.
    Have a great evening.


    April 18, 2012 / Donovan / 0

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