HUGE Sale on all Fender/Squier Basses!

Over at my day gig, we’ve got a few too many guitars & basses, so we’re gonna blow them out!  This sale goes until our inventory is at a more reasonable level.  Most of these are near cost or below!  If you want one, email me or shoot me a text/call to 417-597-3123.


These guitars & basses are all new and come with full factory warranty, and they are sold by an Authorized Fender Dealer. Domestic shipping is generally $15-25, and international shipping is available starting at $75.  Heck, we’ll even give ’em a once over and make sure they are set up great!


Click the link below to open a PDF of these killer deals!  And please, help me out and tell your guitar & bass friends!   :D

To get an idea of what this exact model is, google the model #.  That will generally take you to the Fender website which will show you the exact bass, finish and description.


Fender-Squier Bass Sale

Fender – Squier Guitar Sale

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