Amfisound Hellbass

I promise you that you’ve never experienced anything quite like this before! Amfisound is a small workshop in Finland that makes all of their guitars and basses by hand. The workmanship is top notch, as are the materials. But what really sets the bass apart is the dual scale length, and the tuning options.
Essentially the concept is to have a four string bass with a 32″ scale – this makes it very easy to play, and all of the notes are punchy and full sounding with the shorter scale. Then, you have two strings that are a 36″ scale. These are designed to go all the way down to Low E and Low A – an octave below the normal E & A strings! You can also tune them up to any other pitch you like as well.
The wait time is about 10-12 months and sells for $8000 brand new. Skip the wait and get this amazing bass now at a huge savings!
Amfisound “Hellbass” Bass Specs:

Handmade in Finland
Tuning: Low E, Low A, E, A, D, G
Neck: Laminated Maple and Purple Heart with Dual Carbon Fiber Rod Reinforcement
Body: Swamp Ash
Top: Quilted Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony and Purple Heart
Scale: 36˝ on Two Lower Strings, 32˝ on Regular Four
Pickups: Bartolini Single Coils
Electronics: Glockenklang Preamp
Bridge: Hipshot
Tuners: Gotoh
Straplocks: Schaller
String Gauges: .050, .070, .090, .110, .135, .175
Weighs 11lbs 13 oz

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