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Another Satisfied Fodera Customer!

From my friend Nick, who just received a beautiful Fodera Custom!

It’s the finest electric bass I’ve owned. I kind of want another one….
I really like it in single coil mode. It is the perfect tone for what I am going for. The dual coil mode is cool if I want to solo the neck pickup and eliminate some buzz, but I think the bass will see mostly Single Coil. The construction really is flawless and elegant. The pickups floor me, and I am glad I went passive with it. I can get every tone out of it that I want. I wish I would have opted for a ramp…
I think the best part of the bass is the feel. The neck is a dream. I don’t know what it is but it works perfect for me.


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Bass Player Magazine Review of the Fodera Emperor 5 Standard and the Yin Yang Standard

The good news about the Fodera Standards just keeps on coming. Bass Player Mag just did a review of both the YYS and the E5S. They are both RAVE reviews. The last line is very telling…

“It [a Standard] just might become the way you measure a bass from there on out.”

I still have one of the Emperor 5 Standards available – drop me a line if you’d like it!