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F Bass Preamp Deets

Here’s a little added blurb from Garry, the designer/maker of the F Bass preamp.  Lots of people are fans of this awesome preamp – fascinating stuff!
“Another unique feature of the preamp is the utilization of a “multiplying” EQ, as opposed to the more conventional cut/boost type. The signal passes through all bands in a single path, resulting in lower distortion, tighter correlation and improved definition, while enabling a wide range of sonic possibilities. Gradually boosting the mid band, for example, while the lows are already boosted, results in a smooth higher frequency focus, while not diminishing the power in the low band. This is partially due to the bandwidth designation of each band, which further lends to a more natural sounding preamp.

Things get more exciting when treble is dialed into the mix. The treble band on the standard preamp is designed to add sparkle, without engaging the more “nasal” upper mid-band tones.”
Garry P

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Another Happy F Bass VF Customer!

I received this wonderful testimonial today:

“The very first moments of dry play revealed the marvelous speed and
comfort of the neck. This allowed me to bring the setup a bit
higher using the truss rod. It was then that I began to appreciate
its extraordinary precision of intonation and balance. This tonal
accuracy holds like a rock over 24 frets, and the action gives
supple expressiveness and wonderful dynamic control. You get it
anywhere you play. The upper registers lock in tune to the open
strings so tight it’s just unbelievable. And – my personal grail –
it has a clear, controlled and harmonically pure B string all the
way up to the 8th fret and beyond. Very rare.

I’m sure you’ve both had the experience of a next-level instrument
giving an instant boost in one’s apparent skill. Lovely. The VF5
will now take alpha status among it bros: a Sad M5-24 and a Lull P5
(both alder rosewood).”

–Dave, Lansing Michigan

Isn’t it time you experienced this euphoric state? :D