• F Bass Factory Tour

    Have you always wondered what an actual custom bass manufacturing facility looked like? George Furlanetto of F Bass was kind enough to post pictures of his shop on his site. Click on the picture below to see what a top of the line bass manufacturer’s shop looks like!

  • F Bass FAQ

    What makes F Basses so amazing?  This FAQ explains some of the advantages F Basses offer.  A big “Thanks!” is owed to talkbass.com user Tom7 for contributing most of this content.  Tom’s words are in italics. Fbasses have some unique advantages over nearly all other basses, advantages that make them the quintessential players’ bass.

  • COMING SOON: FBass VF4 & VF5!!!

    Hope to have these sometime in the next two weeks. Drop me a line if you are interested – the latest VF’s are playing VERY SWEET!!! VF4, Olympic White finish, Flamed Maple fretboard, Northern Ash body, Tortoiseshell pickguard, Badass bridge – only $3,400! VF5, 24 Frets, Maple/Ash, White Pickguard, only $3,100!

  • F Bass Preamp Deets

    Here’s a little added blurb from Garry, the designer/maker of the F Bass preamp.  Lots of people are fans of this awesome preamp – fascinating stuff! “Another unique feature of the preamp is the utilization of a “multiplying” EQ, as opposed to the more conventional cut/boost type. The signal passes through all bands in a […]

  • Another Happy F Bass VF Customer!

    I received this wonderful testimonial today: “The very first moments of dry play revealed the marvelous speed and comfort of the neck. This allowed me to bring the setup a bit higher using the truss rod. It was then that I began to appreciate its extraordinary precision of intonation and balance. This tonal accuracy holds […]

  • More tasty FBass Youtube content!


  • Tom’s FBass Audio Shootout

    My buddy Tom did this nice recording of some of his fantastic basses!  On the recording you’ll hear in this order: F Bass BN6 F Bass BN5 F Bass VF5 Alder/Rosewood Alleva-Coppola Fodera Yin Yang [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

  • Bass Ida reviews the new TC Electronic Staccato ’51!


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