• Cool Bass Lesson Site!

    I just checked this site out the other day – worth a luck, especially if you are a MarloweDK fan (and really, who isn’t?). www.bassguitar-lessons.com

  • Why I Play Bass…

    So I mentioned in the last post that I would have to tell you about why I started playing bass in the first place.  We all have a story of why we started playing bass.  Some of us started on accident – maybe we were in a band with too many guitar players and not […]

  • Deep Thoughts – 1st Post!

    Do you enjoy watching shows like “How It’s Made” or other shows that explain how a business was formed?  There is a great show on NPR called “From Scratch” where they interview entrepreneurs to find out why they started the business, challenges they’ve faced, etc, and I’ve always found that show, and others like it, […]