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Fodera Emperor Custom 5: Spalted Maple Top, Madagascar Kingwood Fingerboard

Available at Alder Body 3-Piece Maple Neck Madagascar King-Wood Fingerboard Fode/Pope Custom Preamp Fodera/Duncan Pickups Spalted Maple Top 9.8 Lbs 34” Scale 19 mm Super punchy, killer tone. Made in 2000

Fbass BN5 2020 Flat Carve Top, Ash Tone Block_Mahogany Wings F Bass BN5 Ash Tone Block/Mahogany Wings Flat Carve Top Two-Tone Finish: Olympic White Top & Natural Back, Matte Finish Gold Pearloid Pickguard This bass produces a thick rich sound reminiscent of a good vintage tone with a sweet rather than harsh high end; however, retaining the ability to cut through a mix. TheRead more ⟶